Online Poker Tournaments

Mobile poker sites offer a wealth of fun activities to attract new members. Some are offered freely, some are offered as an incentive to becoming a member of that site, and others are offered as a way of entertaining the regular visitors to the site. One of the range of pastimes that anybody can take part in, whatever their level of expertise, is the exciting poker tournaments that are often held. Some tournaments are held online, some are held at live casinos. All are great fun, and thrilling to take part in. The ability to play poker on a mobile device is a boon to players on the move.  These days you can play whatever game you want, for free or for real money, irrespective of your geographic location.

Mobile poker play has become a huge industry, with all the bonuses and benefits and online poker tournaments offered by the mobile sites. Some of these poker tournaments offer big prizes. The biggest poker tournament in New Zealand is held in Auckland, and the prize money can go over 100,000 dollars.

A full range of mobile poker tournaments are available to players in New Zealand. If you are looking for some action in a tournament, there are actually low buy-in mobile poker tournaments held every day. Bounty Hunter tournaments are held twice a week, where the winner of the tournament takes the whole buy-in pot. As each player beats an opponent, he can pick up the opponents buy-ins, and the winner in the end will win the entire buy-in pot. Bounty tournaments are appealing because they allow you to in cash even if you don’t finish in the money, but as you eliminate a player with a bounty on his head. Players are usually paid out immediately after they have knocked out the specified player, and don’t have to wait until the end of the tournament.

There are Deep Stack tournaments, where players begin with a larger than usual amount of chips, which gives the player more opportunity for play throughout the competition.

Another kind of competition you can play is a Double or Nothing, or sometimes also known as Sit and Go Tournament. In a typical game between ten people, five will finish with nothing and five will get the chance to double up. If you have a good strategy you will find these pretty lucrative.

TOP Tournaments poker roomsJune 2024
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Different Tournaments & Competitions

There are actually dozens of different kinds of poker tournament held in New Zealand. This can be pretty confusing for new players, or indeed for many regular players too, so let us give you a list of the online poker sites that run tournaments and competitions. At we have investigated all the tournament sites that you might like, and will give you a list of trustworthy and reliable poker rooms, where you can jump in and win some real money prizes, no matter what your level of expertise is.

Poker Winning Opportunities

The World Series of Poker is held every year in the United States, and for 40 years has been one of the most thrilling experiences in poker. Certainly not everyone can aspire to be a competitor in that event, but who knows what will happen if you get down to practising and enter some of the tournaments available in New Zealand!