About Us

At OnlinePoker.org.nz we live, breath and eat poker, and we’re not afraid to admit it. When a new online poker website opens, we’re the first there, the first to play, and the first to decide where the website stands in comparison to other, similar websites. And the first to add the website to our lists. It’s what we do, and we’re ready to share that information with you. We put endless hours into keeping our lists up to date, and even more time at the virtual poker tables, seeing how the industry progresses. Stick with us, and we’ll share that knowledge, ensuring that you get the best possible online poker playing experience.

Advancing With The Times

The industry keeps evolving and changing, and so do we. As new features become available, we adjust and adapt our perspective, adopting the technology and adding it to our list of considerations. We like to be at the cutting edge, so that’s where we stay. All the websites on our top lists are cutting edge websites; those that drive the industry as apposed to following. It. If you hear of a new technology or feature, check with as and you’ll find out if it’s becoming the industry standard.

Constantly Changing Lists

We know that as an industry grows, one website may get an advantage over another, and then may even lose that advantage the following week. That’s why we keep updating, changing, and reshuffling our lists. Check back often to see which websites rank as our favourite often, and which is the undisputed king of online poker websites. And, if a newcomer makes an entrance on the scene, you’ll also be sure to find our review, and get our opinion on where it ranks among the favourites. Feel free to also let us know if you agree or disagree wit our reviews.

Age Appropriate Poker

Poker is a card game, and we think everyone should be allowed to play. But gambling is restricted, and we take these restrictions seriously. Our online poker websites, those that are played for real money, have restrictions in place for a reason. Please keep in mind that we abide by laws, and do not encourage underage gambling in any shape or form. If you suspect any underage gamblers are using our portal, please let us know and we’ll take every step we can to rectify the situation.

Contact Us

We do our absolute best to keep a well run, well maintained website that is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to access. But, in order to keep things as perfect as they can possibly be, we need to hear from you. We love getting feedback, positive or negative, and using it to further shape our website to be the ultimate online poker portal. If you have anything to say, or even just want to drop in and say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Don’t agree with out top ten lists? Let us know. Think something should be different? Let us know. We’re standing by to hear what you have to say.