Live Poker Tournaments Online

Online poker and mobile poker are utterly amazing games to play, and no-one can disagree that being able to play poker from the comfort of your own home or during a break at work is genuinely amazing. But, and here’s the thing about poker, there’s nothing that can compete with playing the game at a real poker table, using and feeling the real cards, twiddling real poker chips, and ultimately, being victorious with a real giant pot at stake. Real poker players are unanimous about the sensational experience that playing live poker at a real casino engenders.

The current attraction at the best online casinos tries to bridge this gap between online and real poker with something called live poker. New Zealand players get to choose from a number of options regarding this stunning live poker feature. You can play against nine other players, or you can play head-to-head with the dealer, which is a very popular option. This is no computer-simulated poker, you get to play properly at an actual poker table.

The random number generator does not even feature, because the cards are distributed by a real live dealer, using a single deck of cards. It is quite amazing to watch real cards being shuffled, interact significantly with the cards and chips as well as the dealer and other players. Live poker is a startling improvement to the online casino suite of table games and has been facilitated by all the ongoing technological development happening everywhere at the moment.

Worldwide, and certainly in New Zealand the most popular form of poker is Texas Hold’em, and everyone has seen the huge tournaments on TV or has played it live. Live Texas Hold’em recreates the famous casino atmosphere of bluffing and calling, where tension is high and the atmosphere pulsating. Live poker has certainly become a major attraction, whether playing the traditional nine-handed game or against a dealer, and Texas Hold’em is a natural fit to a live setting. Few things can match the sheer action and tension of live poker, and to make things even more appealing, the dealers are highly interactive, chatty and humorous. A wonderful poker experience.

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Play Texas Hold’em Live

As the voice of authority on live poker, and poker in general, has a wealth of online poker sites to peruse. Remember that the casino you play at has a significant bearing on the atmosphere and vibe of the game, and selection should not be made lightly. The buy-in and ante at the live games is increased so you should make sure that the casino is thoroughly to your liking.

Choosing the Live Poker Option

At you can be sure that all the live poker games are subject to the same strict tests as the regular online table games. With the live poker games being independently tested, you can be assured that the game is fair and identical in this respect to a live game at a brick and mortar casino. Live NZD poker online is very similar and surprisingly close to standard, real poker games in many ways, but this uncanny similarity needs to be supported by a good internet connection. This is due to the fact that the live aspect is achieved with a live feed streamed from a physical casino or studio. A decent internet connection will obviously avoid any lag or buffering, and the game will be that much more enjoyable.