Online Paysafecard Poker Deposits

Paysafecard does not require any transaction fees, and is free to use. This is, of course a major benefit and of extremely high value to casino players. Nevertheless, Paysafecard does charge certain fees when facilitating a refund, should this be required at any stage. Generally applicable to purchases requiring delivery or supply and not poker site deposits. In addition, should you need to convert currencies, this will attract a 2% fee, but since the poker sites at all accept New Zealand dollars, this too is scarcely applicable. Nevertheless, you should go through the basic terms and conditions and make sure that you are familiar with all aspects of Paysafecard before using them.

Paysafecard provides an instant online payment system, basically with the efficiency of a credit card or top e-wallet. As a poker player you can make quick and easy deposits with high security levels and complete customer protection. Paysafecard is a worldwide market leader in prepaid online payment, and is regarded therefore as Internet cash. Paysafecard is also accepted widely throughout the New Zealand poker fraternity and the top sites at

Poker players will always allude to the free and simple transactions, the instant receipts and speed of deposit as the primary benefits of using a prepaid money system. Many professional players feel that the high security and inbuilt safety features that Paysafecard has in place are even more important. Their argument is that there is no personal data that needs to accompany a deposit made through Paysafecard, and that this anonymity is needed to ensure privacy and confidentiality. The security is very solid with a 16-digit PIN that you receive when you purchase a Paysafecard. The PIN numbers also confirm every deposit made.

Paysafecard is a prepaid card type payment method that you can buy at retail outlets around New Zealand with a specified balance already preloaded onto it. This cash money can then be deposited when and where you desire in much the same way as pre-paid cellular airtime. The card is therefore treated as cash when deposits are effected, with no further transaction fees necessary. This is also why a Paysafecard money deposit or payment is such a quick process.

TOP Paysafecard poker roomsJune 2024
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1 IE allowed5/5200% Bonus Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Bonus Play now

Using Paysafecard is Easy

Using a Paysafecard is incredibly easy and begins with the purchase of a card. These cards can be obtained in set amounts from local retail stores throughout New Zealand. This suits all levels of poker player and all bankrolls. The Paysafecard will be issued with a 16-digit PIN that you need to enter to facilitate the deposit. At the online poker site, simply choose the amount of money you want to deposit and click enter. Any unspent funds will remain available on the card for other purchases or further deposits. The transaction will be verified in a few moments, and within minutes you will be considering your first poker hand.

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